Topgear have partnered with two automotive specialist finance companies to allow you to get the best exhaust for your car and pay in easy interest-free and hassle-free instalments. After speaking to your local dealer, or choosing an exhaust online, choose form either Payment Assist (up to £1000, 98% acceptance rate) or Bumper (up to £3000 90% acceptance rate) and receive your finance within 24-48 working hours.


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0% Finance via Payment Assist & Top Gear

The Top Gear group of companies and brands (including but not limited to Eurosport, Longlife, Powerflow and Top Gear) have partnered with Payment Assist, a specialist in finance for the automotive sector in the UK. Through our partnership we are able to offer 0% finance on our exhaust products and services with no additional fees for either the dealer or end customer, including any exhaust work undertaken at one of our approved fitting centres across the UK.

This requires a simple soft credit check with a 98% acceptance rate for quotations of up to £1000 in value, with a full credit check only required for quotations between £1001 and the maximum of £3000. Essentially, provided you have 25% of the quotation available in accessible funds in your bank account, you are almost guaranteed to be accepted for finance.


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0% Finance via Bumper & Top Gear

BUMPER offers a loan amount of up to £3000, applying has no impact on your credit score at all, and also has an impressive 90% acceptance rate! And it's interest-free! With Offers of £0 deposit and 3-month repayment offer and also a 10-month repayment plan with a 25% deposit. It can work for anyone.

Finance Process and FAQ

Should you wish to apply for finance to spread the cost of your purchase, the first thing to do is to get a quote from your local dealer for the work. Once you have this, complete the online application (below) which takes just a few minutes. We (Topgear) use this information to make a finance application on your behalf with your choice of either Payment Assist (up to £1000, 98% acceptance rate) or Bumper (up to £3000 90% acceptance rate) within 24-48 working hours.

Keep an eye on your e-mail and phone for the link you will receive, which will require some final details from you including date of birth. Please ensure the address submitted to us matches the address your debit card is registered to, or a new application will need to be made which tends to add some delays. Once you have read the Terms and Conditions, you can sign the agreement.

What's the catch? There isn't one. Quite simply, rather than paying to borrow money from other sources, Topgear's finance partners allow you to spread your quotation into equal payments. There is naturally a cost to this process, but the cost is borne by Top Gear. However, it is worth noting that this type of finance is only applicable to debit cards, not credit cards.

Is a full credit check carried out? For amounts up to £1000, a soft credit check is utilised which has no impact or bearing at all on your credit rating, leaving no footprint on your credit status. For quotations over £1000, a more in depth "normal" credit check will be utilised.



The quotation for your custom exhaust is £400.00. You are charged £100.00 by debit card at the time the loan is agreed and a further three £100 instalments are charged to your debit card on the same day of the month for the next three consecutive months. So, by default, if you had paid £100 on the 15th of February, you would be charged the remaining three instalments on the 15th of March, April, and May.

For more information on Payment Assist, please click here.

As a responsible lender, Payment Assist Ltd complies fully with the requirements of the Financial Conduct Authority FRN 622544 and the Data Protection Act: A8041970. Any personal information supplied will not be shared with third parties.

For more information on Bumper, please click here.

Bumper believe in being totally clear in everything they do. Their responsible lending policy outlines the things they do to ensure they always lend in a transparent and fair fashion.